Finding the Best Online Casino Games

Overwhelmingly, our decision to play online casino games is simply because of the huge array of engaging options available. There is an abundance of amusements for every conceivable preference, and level of competency. You’ll be able to experience the traditional arcade variations along with some futuristic creations.

Recently, technological advances have allowed the developers to become evolutionary industry visionaries. The ability to express their creativity without limitation has meant, not only the launch of games with significantly improved graphics, but the realization of some really interesting conceptual ideas. The result has been a revolutionary progression in new casino games for you to play.

A Variety of New Casino Slots Awaits!

Traditional fruit machines are amongst the all-time favorites in amusement. These types of game, normally referred to as slots, can be found on most new online casinos in many different formats. They can be fairly economical if you don’t go crazy, and you’ll be able to play straightaway with little or no experience. The most basic type of slot has three reels containing fruit images — a throwback to the nineteen sixties and seventies — and it pays out when the fruit is aligned to form a winning line. Reportedly, there is a greater likelihood of winning on the three-reel slots, compared to any others, mathematically speaking of course. However, there isn’t a great deal of statistical information to verify this theory, and it is entirely possible to win more on other variants, especially those with a progressive jackpot.

Obviously, if you’re a more discerning player, you may like a more diverse version with multiple pay-out combinations. These have some interesting animated content thrown in, which makes the experience visually appealing too. Video slots, a generation on from the traditional ones, usually have five or more reels, and normally have a theme of some kind.

The Best Casinos Offering New Casino Games

* T&C’s apply; 18+

An Overview of the Top Video Slots

It’s very easy to see the attraction of new online slots compared to the old-fashioned types players are used to. The perfect model to demonstrate the difference between classic and video slots is Pink Elephants, a game from the developer Thunderkick. This colorful and amusing game with an incredible 4096 ways to win is sensational, and the theoretical 96.1% return to player ratio isn't bad at all. The ‘Wild’ symbol function in this particular game substitutes for any other character, with the exception of the scatter emblem — a golden peanut. Three scatter symbols within the five reels trigger a bonus game with the opportunity to gain free spins.

Alternatively, the mystery scatter symbol – a glowing green peanut – increases the chance of another bonus game. In this case, the bonus game requires the collection of orbs, which are transformed into free spins once the correct number of orbs have been obtained. If you are ever in any doubt about the pay-out scale, or how the multipliers work, you’ll find a pay table for every game. This will give you the details of any bonus calculation, and should clearly explain the effect it has. The rules of the game can normally be found on the menu options too.

 An overview of some video slot games

The ground-breaking blockbuster science fiction movie, Terminator 2, was adapted into a slot by the games developer Microgaming, in 2014. This rather entertaining, and beautifully crafted, themed slot epitomizes the creative thinking within the online casino games industry at the time. Although 243 ways to win isn’t exactly a world-beating number, it should be gratifying enough in terms of the possibilities of winning, particularly if you include the scatter bonus contingencies. The most alluring parts of this slot are surely the actual movie footage, and the soundtrack effects played during a successful spin or bonus round.

Like many other slots, Terminator 2 has many of the same features, including wild cards and scatter bonuses. Generally, free spins are accrued depending on the accumulator functions. These tend to operate in a similar way too. If you’re feeling particularly idle, you can enable auto play from the options menu, or you might want an adrenaline rush and increase the stake for each spin. There is a profusion of variation in video slot options. Moreover, everyone should be able to find something.

I-slots – The Story So Far

Rival’s introduction of i-slots is arguably the best innovation into the slots market so far. These are storyboarded themes that have an interactive quality, allowing users to advance through a variety of storylines, whilst playing a conventional slot. The stories incorporate some of the elements of the intriguing, and in some cases, the most infamous narratives of a television soap opera. You can expect subjects from the intricacies of love to the wonders of the cosmos, and mysterious occurrences. This doesn’t devalue any of the usual functionality of the game, and the standard bonus utilities of wilds and scatters apply.

Video Poker May Be a Hidden Star

Video poker emits an inexplicable presence of being an imaginary type of hybrid game. It's a sort of crossover poker come slot machine that’s been thrust into a digital blender. The result is quite brilliant. It's a splendidly subtle poker game with a mellow overtone of slot options. There are some lovely versions of this too with slightly different aspects in each, and terrifically novel names like ‘Vegas Joker 4UP’ from developer iSoftBet.

Video Poker

The game format itself is a conventional five-card draw poker. It’s played with a single deck of cards and they are reshuffled after every hand. You can choose 1, 5, 10 or 25 hands to play, and there are obviously a range of odds for different winning hands. Deuces – or twos – are wild, which simply means they represent any card. There is a nifty double up feature which allows you to double or lose your winnings by pushing the gamble button. This opens a new window with five face-down cards displayed on it. The double up option has a gloriously unambiguous premise – can you predict the color of the card. It’s a straight up 50% chance of success. If you dare to, and you’re a true thrill seeker, you'll be able to attempt it five times on each occasion doubling the total. It surely doesn’t get much better than that.

Taking Advantage of Slots with Bonus Offers

To realize the better bonus strategies can be a bit of a tricky business, especially as there are so many permutations. The key thing to remember when playing a new casino game is to take plenty of time to read and understand the pay-line stipulations. Wild and scatter options are the ones that will multiply your winnings the most, so pay particular attention to them. Nothing can be hidden from you. A full disclosure policy applies to all online casinos, and they must comply, as the consequences for the casino are too severe for them not to.

In the interests of fair play, a random number generator, or RNG, is the regulated mechanism that determines how often the slot will pay-out. Therefore, any stratagem or reasonable attempt at prediction has a high propensity of failure. There is somewhat of a debate about hot cycle machines – those that haven’t paid out recently – and cold cycle, which are those that have. Whether you consider this to be an old wives' tale or mathematical fact, the validity of the claim is unsolvable. However, some casinos refer to the hot and cold slots, which simply means with misgivings aside, the slot may have an increased prospect of a win.

Traditionally, the big reward sums are fixed. A progressive jackpot accumulation is an interesting concept of how to win big. Principally, a percentage of all coins deposited into the best online slots will be added to the jackpot amount until it is won. The idea of a huge prize within reach is enticing, and if you are looking for a piece of life-changing coincidental luck, then these are for you. Most avid players prefer online casino games for real money, but if you're just now starting your casino journey its a better idea to try some free demos in the beginning.

A Trip around the Roulette Wheel - Finding the Best Roulette Options on the Web

Guidelines on playing online roulettes

Throughout the world, roulette is synonymous with casinos and gambling table games. Considered by many to be a strategist’s dream, roulette embodies the idea of an appealing table game. It's a fascinating combination of thirty-seven numbers, two colors, a ball, a wheel, and more importantly, a fusion of bets and odds.

Employing a predictive methodology, roulette players can place a single or several bets across the table, which are all subject to odds. The odds range from 35-1 and evens, and a full list can be found on the game pay-table. After your bets are made, the roulette ball is spun around the wheel backtrack.

Depending on which casino site you’re playing at, you can expect to see different versions of roulette. The most prevalent of these – all with distinct aspects to them – are European, American, French, immersive, professional and multi-wheel. You can play all of them at Royal Panda Casino. It’s vital not to assume that the rules at any new roulette game are the same because they won’t be. Whether it turns out to be a brilliant piece of forecasting or lady luck is shining on you, it’s definitely great fun to play.

Give The Best Card Games a Try

Blackjack is amongst the most popular of card games to play at an online casino. This uncomplicated tournament between you and the house can be thoroughly entertaining. The usual online layout is three player positions with six decks of cards in the dealer’s shoe – no jokers please. The objective is to try and generate a hand amounting to or as close to 21 as possible. Any number over 21 and you’re busted – you lose. The digital dealer is restricted to hands over 17. However, you’ll be able to stand – stick with the cards you have – or hit – ask for another card to be dealt, as you please. The cards are reshuffled, rather annoyingly, before every round, which does compromise advocates of card counting. The odds shouldn’t vary too much as there isn’t a lot to start with. Typically, drawing blackjack – an ace and 10 or picture to make 21 – will earn odds of 3-2, and insurance takes you down to 2-1. A win is even money, and in the event of a push, your bet is returned. If you're looking for the best online blackjack experience, then you should definitely try the numerous variants available to find the right one for you.

Poker, an Iconic Casino Table Game

Tips on playing online poker

Poker is another iconic game that can be found on the majority of online casino sites - 888 Casino, Mansion Casino, Royal Panda Casino and more. Historically, this is associated with American Wild West lawmen and gunfighters, like the legendary Wild Bill Hickok. Unfortunately, it didn’t end particularly well for Bill, but we can all thank him for the dead man’s hand – black aces and eights along with an unknown card.

Invariably, there are several versions of poker for you to try. One is Texas Hold’em – probably the most popular, with four major variations. Another is Omaha, which is a derivative of Texas Hold’em. There's also seven card Stud – usually reserved for seasoned players.

These are initially the ones you’re likely to recognize. As a matter of course, you should familiarize yourself with the expected poker protocols and betting rules to each version. It’s foolish not to.

Reportedly, in some quarters, baccarat has a profiled audience although it’s hard to fathom why. It’s an exquisitely simple game to understand, and moreover, hugely popular. It's played with six to eight standard decks of cards and is dealt from a shoe. There are three basic table positions – banker, player and tie, which is where both player and banker have the same hand. This is really a type of points game which means the cards you are dealt are added together, and the highest hand wins. Aces count as one, and everything else, up to 9, is counted, except for pictures and tens which have no value. The odds are simple too.

Walkthrough with Red Dog

Playing online Red Dog

Red Dog progressive is a pleasant and player-friendly game for all abilities. It has a refreshingly uncomplicated set of rules, and the red dog points out the odds for you. It’s reminiscent of playing a quiet game of solitaire at home, and so it should come as no surprise to you of how easy it is to sit back, and forget the toil of the day. Unlike most casino table games it’s played with a single deck of cards and they are shuffled every time you win. The card values are identical to the standard in poker where aces are 14 and not 1, kings are 13, queens are 12 and jacks are 11. All of the other cards are at face value. If the game get your attention, you can play it at Miami Club Casino.

Live Casino Games - the Best Casino Experience

If you’d like a taste of Monte Carlo glamour, and a twist of sophistication, then a live casino can have a lot to offer. Basically, you’ll have access to the usual casino table games you’ve become accustomed to, with the addition of a real croupier, on a proper games table. It’s operated from a live television style studio with cameras and stage lighting, and like any other production, it’s streamed to your location.

Evolution gaming are just one of the many companies spearheading the development of live productions, and the real beauty of their package is that it’s available in all formats, those including mobile casino games. You’ll be able to literally participate in a live game anywhere at any time because every type of platform is covered. An increasing number of casino participants are migrating over to live games because of the social ingredient. The integration of the live experience has been a real revelation within the industry, and so if you haven’t encountered the wonders of a live game before, don’t be afraid to join in, as expertise isn’t necessary, and novices are also very welcome.

No Better Time to Try Your Hand at Craps

Although craps isn’t the most inspiring name for a casino game, it’s nevertheless a really compelling game to play. Essentially, it’s about throwing dice down a sunken table, endeavoring – like most brand new casino games – to make a prediction. If you aren’t familiar with the playing table, it can be a bit intimidating if you haven’t seen one before.

About the Craps game at online casinos

There are two distinct stages to craps, the come out and the point. In the online version, you are the shooter so effectively you are betting on yourself. The general census of opinion regarding betting on this game is favorable, and many professional gamblers pivot towards playing craps online. Making ‘sucker bets’ would – as the name suggests – be unwise, and so it’s probably best to avoid them. A version of craps developed by Playtech is said to have a theoretical RTP – return to player rate – of 99.53%. If this reported assessment is accurate, there is every chance of being successful in a quest to win.

Scratch Cards - an Unlikely Favourite among Players

The scratch cards found at online casinos are missing a bit of the tactility you might enjoy with a lottery card bought at a local shop or the strategical aspects of the best casino table games. However, don’t dismiss these elementary games entirely, because they’re an excellent way to relax. The simplicity of the structure makes it a reasonably inexpensive way to chillout for a while, in-between other games perhaps, or even stimulate the mood for something more serious.

Practice Makes Perfect - Become a Pro at the Best Casino Games

In the long run, practicing with new online casino games before you play for real money makes perfect sense. If you strive to grasp the principles and nuances first, you’ll be more likely to triumph in your conquest. There are heaps of very informative tutorial videos for virtually every game, and the good news is that they’re absolutely free. There isn’t a replacement for good preparation, so don’t be shy to make use of the demo pages on the developer websites.