An Intro to Mobile Casinos - Reviewing the Top UK Casino Apps

An increasing number of us are choosing to play casino games online during our leisure time. Not so long ago, the inconvenience of fixed-line telephones dominated our communicational lives, and the speaking clock was as interesting as it got.

However, nowadays we expect more, and being without the convenience of our mobile phones is utterly unthinkable. Mercifully, the unstoppable drive for technological progress is empowering an even greater phase of freedomThe arrival of HTML5 programming software, and the evolution of mobile applications is totally revolutionizing the connection between us and the service marketplace.

It’s truly magnificent, regardless of our location, to have so many options at our fingertips, and it’s completely liberating to browse the internet for mobile gambling sites or to play casino games on whichever device we’re using. The software developers deserve considerable praise for their sheer brilliance, and their outstanding contribution to the functionality of our smartphones and tablets.

Using Your Mobile Versus a Desktop

In recent years, it’s fair to say that using a desktop was an overwhelmingly superior experience when playing casino games or even browsing on the internet for that matter. However, it isn’t necessarily still the case. The much-heralded birth of HTML5 and the next generation smartphones have let the good times start to roll. Theoretically, there should be little or no quality reduction, enabling us to be able to reliably browse and play games on any platform.

In all likelihood, until industry operators adopt device responsive websites across the board, we’ll have to determine the optimal method for ourselves, but it’s not as tiresome as it might sound. The majority of online casinos provide mobile usage through apps in two possible formats. Native casino apps are designed for a specific device like an iPhone, iPad or android, which are downloaded on to your device, and will probably require periodic updates. The other type is a web-enabled app which is accessed through your device browser. Inevitably, there will be differing degrees of satisfaction, and in truth, it isn’t feasible to prophesize about the quality or how well apps work, because they’re all subject to individual device performance, and user preference interpretation.

The Best Casino Apps for 2024

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As far as the future of software is concerned, developers are making so many monumental advances in terms of graphics and mobile optimization that the necessity for mobile to have limitations will no longer exist. Therefore, the mobile casino experiences you’ll have won’t be bad at all. At the moment, you may find a little user disparity concerning tablets and smartphones, from the graphical content to differing features, but not enough to spoil your entertainment.

Understandably, it isn’t really in the interests of a casino to make provision for free demo games on all formats. Be prepared for some demonstration games to fail completely or not to operate properly. It’s the exception and not the rule. Encouragingly, newly established online casinos seem to have adopted an omni-channel philosophy towards gambling, which simply means the casino wants to improve our user experience. They’ll also tend to build their websites using HTML5, which negates the need for apps. In this case, the normal procedure is to open the website from your mobile browser and sign in as normal if you already have an account or create a new one if you don’t. In some instances, QR (quick Response) codes are used, these are scanned into your device.

How to Download Casino Apps

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If the circumstances arise where you need an app, have no fear because it’s a relatively painless process to find and download them. Generally, the mobile or help pages on the website are the most obvious places to start looking for information, especially if you’re a bit lost.

Remember, casinos genuinely aspire to fully engage us, and so to prevent us from doing so by making it difficult isn’t logical. At this point, track down the details for the compatibility of your device with the site – suitable mobile devices are usually listed. Alternatively, app stores are your best bet – no pun intended – of finding the appropriate application. If you have an iPhone or iPad, the Apple app or iTunes store should be your first port of call.

For Android device users, start with not forgetting to enable the download from the device enabling manager as it’s easily overlooked. There is a wealth of competent and trustworthy app stores, like Google Play with a substantial selection to choose from. As a small proviso, keep in mind that a native app is probably going to outperform a web based one. Coincidentally, native apps are estimated to be up to 3 times faster than HTML5, and so they aren’t quite dead and buried just yet.

The wisest place to start downloading is from a reputable app store because it means that the apps will have content assurances that are licensed. The certification should be openly displayed with the details of the rating, and authenticating authorities. Adequate parental and security restrictions are particularly helpful if you want to avoid a minor or even a stranger accidentally winning a jackpot on your behalf. In August 2017, Google Play revised their policies for the UK, Ireland and France regarding gambling apps. This will surely facilitate a safer mobile casino environment and promote the growth in an already vibrant market.

The One Touch Omny Battle

The result of competitive behavior between any industry giants usually produces fantastic consumer products. The omni-channel software developers Playtech, Netent and Playn’Go are three shining examples of the sort of rivalry gains that can be enjoyed by their clients. Solely because they are taking considerable pride in taking a cardinal role in the market’s innovation, their dedication and hard work is bearing fruit already.

A rising synergy that’s triggered a harmony towards the notion of having a single provider for all their customer needs has already seen the launch of some amazing software. Playtech’s One software suite seamlessly integrates our gambling experience by having everything we could ever need under one umbrella. Netent’s Touch software, specifically designed for touch-screen devices, enables the user to collect a portfolio of favorite games and access them via a smartphone or tablet when they are out and about. Playn’Go’s Omny software, is also aiming to unify games across all platforms, and utilizing a single user profile to access them.

Hypothetically, there should be a correlation between the most popular games and the superior developers. A quick nose at the details of whose game you’re playing will help determine whether you have a leaning towards a particular games developer. As a matter of course, casinos will gather a whole host of statistical information on just about anything that can be calculated and reasonably predicted. Usually, once the statistical analysis has been translated into valuable data, the majority of casino websites will share some of the details with us. They do this by indicating the most popular games that their customers play, and other player aides like where the most money has been won. This knowledge is both reliable and helpful because it’s true. Although you may well be cynical, the casino isn’t allowed to give misleading information, and so use the guidance in good faith.

Mobile Casino

It is impossible to deliver a definitive list of the most popular mobile casino games because the basis of the survey hypothesis is flawed, and each casino's data reflects traffic on its own site. However, it is possible to gauge a moderate sense of opinion, and so at the moment, slots feature predominantly across all mobile casino sites. They are streets ahead in the online rankings as far as the popularity stakes are concerned.

Starburst is a video slot by Netent that’s very popular indeed, and it’s easy to see why. With sleek colorful graphics and unambiguous instructions, it's truly lovely to play. It has a five-reel three row layout and a reasonable theoretical return to player rate of 96.1 percent. Flame is another heavily favored and splendid video slot by Nextgen, a part of the SG Digital, which is a division of Scientific Games. This game is full of absorbing content with beautifully engineered graphics. It has a futuristic punk flavor to it with some tremendous mini feature bonuses, which incites further interest.

Roulette and Blackjack, unsurprisingly, have consistently reached the summit of the most popular game tables since time began – maybe not that long. You’ll notice a high degree of choice of games that will have uniquely different aspects to them, including the layout and pay-table rates. It’s fundamentally important to make yourself aware of any playing caveats attached to the version you choose to play.

The aptly titled Divine Fortune is a video slot with a Greek inspired mythological theme, and a progressive jackpot to boot. It features fascinating reel symbol characters like Medusa – a snake headed woman beheaded by Perseus – and the wild symbol Pegasus – a winged horse and child of Poseidon. The Greek backdrop aura invokes a tangible mix of mystery and excitement, not to mention the prospect of winning a massive jackpot. This game is at the top of many peoples’ playlist for a good reason. It’s an enchanting and superbly engaging game to play.

What a Live Mobile Casino Has to Offer

Telecom industry figureheads have been working feverishly to remove the stumbling blocks of inadequate hardware and woeful internet infrastructure, which were inhibiting the quality of live streaming. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to rejoice and welcome the relatively new edition to casino portfolios – live mobile casinos.

Live Mobile Casino

Typically, not all casinos have the elasticity in their budgets to set up and run live studios. However, the bigger and more renowned industry names have splashed out and dived into the production of live gambling. The result of their investment has induced a fresh new dimension into the online casino experience, which mysteriously produces an unconditional invigorating effect on you. It may be the live chitchat with the croupier and the welcome from the pit boss or simply the freedom of using a mobile online casino. It’s a little bit puzzling to put your finger on exactly but it’s an altogether unbridled joyful occasion, filled with the excitement of the games.

Finding Great Mobile Casino Bonuses

Opting to use your mobile or tablet to visit a live mobile casino could net you a decent sized bonus. Unfortunately, there is a cloud over whether this applies to existing customers or not, but if you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll be able to spot generous bonuses for longstanding members too. Perhaps the only slight niggle you may encounter during a new login is having to use an alternative email address if you’re already registered there.

The obvious vehicle that casinos utilize to drive trade is of course, bonuses. However, stay alert because there are a few pitfalls to the more superficial bonuses that seem tremendous on the surface, but they’re hiding fairly involved wagering sanctions. Shopping around to secure a potentially fabulous deal is the best thing anyone can do. There are plenty of really mouth-watering offers to be had, and so don’t rush in where angels fear to tread. Read the terms and conditions conscientiously to be absolutely sure it’s genuine.

Mobile App Casino Bonuses

Welcome bonuses usually prove to be the most fruitful but be prepared to deposit some money at the same time as registering. Claiming a matched deposit bonus, for instance, is as simple as it gets.

  1. Join the casino. This is where you give your personal details.
  2. Decide on your preferred payment method.
  3. Deposit the required offer amount.
  4. Let the games begin! Try and double your money. It can be done.

You’ll find a countless number of bonuses that will include free slot spins, and a bundle of other benefits like loyalty points and cash back schemes. Approach wagering conditions cautiously. Take your time to evaluate them because they can be a little bewildering at times, and they will almost certainly apply in every case. Beware of a short expiration date, and payment method restrictions as some casinos won’t accept third party payment on bonuses. Definitely, don’t sign up unless you fully understand what is expected of you.

E-Wallets and Pay-by-Mobile Casinos

The upshot of the mobile phenomenon is that it’s become the pivotal device for the movement of money, and the focus of future development in all areas of our lives. Thankfully, the agony of money transactions through a bulletproof glass window at the bank has been rendered dormant. Fortunately, we’re no longer saddled with this particular banking hardship when we’re online shopping or at a mobile casino.

Payment with E-wallet

Please welcome into the arena, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, PayPal, boku, Neteller and many other pay-by-mobile casino options. They have come to the rescue because they have transformed our mobile devices into miniature mobile payment machines, and wallet combined. Presently, using e-wallets is the contemporary way to transfer funds, and are much faster and safer than bank cards which have spurred a surge in pay-by-mobile casinos. Downloading an e-wallet app and loading up your debit card details is considerably less effort than recalling pin numbers. Incidentally, you’ll also be able to add intermediary accounts to your wallet like PayPal amongst others. Google Wallet – for android users – and Apple have some nice extra features to their wallet apps like the storage of flight boarding passes.

Inevitably, mobile manufacturers are responding to market forces, and so expect newer models to have advanced security methods like facial or retinal scan, and fingerprint recognition activation. This doesn’t mean your scruffy old mobile device is unsafe because the user ID is protected in the same way with multiple layers of security. It’s the activation that will be different. However, technology relentlessly soldiers on, and eventually we’ll get left behind no matter how much we love our old- fashioned mobile.

What Does the Future Hold for Mobile Casinos

In the fullness of time, it will become apparent to what extent the influence of mobile usage affects the future of online casinos. At the moment, the mobile casino market is only just emerging, and it has already experienced significant growth. If the mobile media pundits are on point with their predictions, a virtual or augmented casino is next. Imagine unfolding a projection unit the size of a matchbox, and then soaking up the atmosphere of a live casino. Perhaps you’ll be sitting at a winning slot machine listening to the coins popping out, or even at the Blackjack table hearing the cards being dealt, and the click of a stack of chips being passed over. The possibilities are completely mind-blowing.

Meanwhile, in this reality, using a mobile online at a casino may seem a little too far away from your comfort zone, but comfort is exactly what it’s about. Why not lay on the couch or tuck yourself up in your bed. It doesn’t matter where you are or what time it is. The unmitigated convenience of mobile devices is undeniable, but for now the expected rate of swing away from desktop isn’t showing any momentum. In all probability, the immediate future for mobile and desktop seems to suggest we’ll continue to use both. Discovering the joy of the freedom that mobiles offer is just another type of bonus.