Lotus Gaming Review: Experience a Real-Time Live Streaming like Never before

Founded in 2016 in the Philippines, Lotus Gaming (LG) quickly became recognised on the Asian market for offering an assortment of live dealer titles, and a slew of platform management solutions. In just a few years, the company was granted significant accolades by the industry itself, and today continues to inspire awe in its peers, mainly in Asia. In this review, we will take a detailed look at what Lotus Gaming is as a company, and further explore the live casino games it offers through its platform.

The Games – Proprietary Live Dealer Titles and Aggregated RNGs

Lotus Gaming has introduced six particular game genres into its live dealer lobby!

Lotus Gaming has introduced six particular game genres into its live dealer lobby. While the number of tables for each of these games is unknown, information sources speculate that they are plentiful. The multi-gaming (aggregation) platform of Lotus Gaming also offers a number of slots that have been provided by the design studio Toptrend Gaming (TG). Given the fact that this is the only studio featured in LG’s aggregation platform, we have analysed both the RNG and live dealer games below.

The Slots Are Various

TG has empowered Lotus Gaming’s portfolio with approximately 160 slot titles, some of which are developed in Flash, and others on HTML5. We should mention that although Toptrend Gaming has created all of its games with an original design, it isn’t difficult to see that some are “more inspired” by popular franchises than others. We have taken a more detailed look at some of the best slots featured in the portfolio of Lotus Gaming.

Live Casino Games – Genres and Types

The live dealer games offered by Lotus Gaming are Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Roulette, Red and White, Sic Bo, and Hold’Em. The lobby of Lotus Gaming is designed and developed with maximum details in mind; what this means, is that players will have a detailed look on every aspect of their play. There are features like custom betting patterns, bet history view, and much more. We should also mention that the live dealer lobby of LG is made in a way that incorporates all RNG slots.

Red or White - A New Live Dealer Game for the iGaming Industry

Said to have originated from the streets of the Philippines, this game is as simple as it is entertaining. Three ping pong balls are dropped through an opening, inside of a glass cube. A board on the floor is separated into 100 individual pockets, with 49 of them being coloured red, and the other 49 coloured white. The remaining two pockets, are yellow and bear the Lotus Gaming logo.

The objective of the game is to guess where the balls would land. There are six bets in total that can be made – Two Red, Two White, All Red, All White, One Yellow, and Two Yellow. Naturally, the most commonly occurring results such as Two Red and Two White will pay 1:1; however, if two of the balls end up in yellow pockets, the payout will be 200:1! Type of games, live games, online casino!

Licenses, Certificates and Award Nominations

Being a company that is based in the Philippines, it is only natural that they are licensed and regulated by PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation), but that’s not all. When the developer first came out with their first set of products and services, they were audited and evaluated by the International Online Gaming Institute (IOGI). One of the first licenses that the company ever obtained came from First Cagayan, another licensing business that is focused on evaluating Philippine-based iGaming developers. For its dedication to the iGaming industry, Lotus Gaming was nominated for first place for the category “Asian Live Developer of the Year”, in the 2019 Malta Gaming Awards!

Mobile Device Functionality and Additional Platform Support

Lotus Gaming states that they use the latest HTML5 software development technology, in order to make their live dealer gaming solutions fully compatible with all mobile devices that run on iOS and Android. Lotus Gaming has stated that the main reason for the optimization of their products is to eliminate the need for downloading native applications. Because of that, the number of slots presented within the lobby of Lotus Gaming may also be limited.

Interesting Company History Facts

The origins of the company are somewhat shrouded in mystery; however, the company did make its first appearance two years after it was launched. Lotus Gaming attended the prestigious G2E Asia iGaming event in 2018. There, the company not only showcased their products but also made it known that their business is quite on par with other Asian gaming developers. To this day, the company continues to attend every major Asian iGaming event – gathering more clients and increasing its market popularity!

Additional News about the Company and Contact Methods

In the official news section of Lotus Gaming, interested parties can acquaint themselves not only with the business directions that the developer is taking, but also get informed about the latest game releases of the company. Surprisingly, the company doesn’t seem to have any social media presence; however, potential clients will be able to contact the software provided via a number of methods, including Skype, Telegram, and email.

How Does Lotus Gaming Compare to Other Developers in the Industry?

Considering that the company was relatively recently established, it is safe to say that there are still some things that Lotus Gaming needs to add to its roster of products and games. Naturally, when compared to other companies that operate on the Asian iGaming market, LG stands out pretty well. After all, Lotus Gaming is award-nominated – this fact alone puts them a step above other Asian live dealer providers.

Partnerships with Casinos and Other Companies

Lotus Gaming’s software is used by an extensive number of Asian-based casinos; however, evidence suggests that some operators from Europe also benefit from it. The company seems to be operating under a “confidentiality clause” because they don’t officially list any of their business partners or clients (apart from their union with Toptrend Gaming). What is known, however, is the fact that Lotus Gaming has associated itself with a well-known iGaming news platform, which signifies the company’s interest in creating additional business partnerships with other software operators.

Lotus Gaming Is Progressing with a Steady Pace

Although the company’s main operations seem to be spanned across mainland China and South Korea, Lotus Gaming lists its services to have worldwide coverage. Although LG are taking their time to expand in “market reach” terms, their innovative live dealer games bring freshness to the Asian online casino scene – which has earned the company the recognition of the industry. We are interested to see how Lotus Gaming will develop in the future, and see what new casino games they will develop for the best new casinos online.