Tom Horn Gaming Review – A Casino Software Supplier That Promises Entertainment

An exceptional iGaming solutions producer, Tom Horn Gaming (THG) started its journey in 2008. Setting out to provide full gaming and platform management solutions to the iGaming world, the company quickly rose to prominence and made sure that it was recognised by both participants in the industry, and the administrations that licensed them. Today, THG has become a worldwide-renowned phenomenon that always provides the right casino solutions at the right time. Learn everything about them in this review!

The Games – They Are So Many

Tom Horn has approximately 90 titles within their gaming portfolio, that consists mainly of video slots, table games, video poker, and other titles. As expected, the majority of the list is made up of the slot titles themselves, but that’s not all. It turns out that by partnering up with the company Vivo Gaming, Tom Horn has managed to incorporate a slew of live dealer games within their own portfolio; however, due to Vivo being a different company, we will exclude their live casino titles in this review. For now, we present to you the Tom Horn Gaming portfolio!

The Slots Are Impeccable

There are approximately 60 video slot titles developed and provided by Tom Horn, and they are as varied as they are interesting. The majority of the slots here are made in the “5x3 reel layout”; however, Tom Horn does explore additional reel patterns. All slot visual themes here are original, some of which are trademarked, but that’s not all. The slots are universally hailed by iGaming experts for their impeccable optimisation with different platforms. We have analysed the most popular Tom Horn slot titles below.

  • “243 Crystal Fruits Reversed”

    Tom Horn - 5x3 243 win lines.

    This is a 5x3 crystal gem-theme slot that offers up to 243 win lines. The game has an estimated RTP of 96% and high volatility, but that’s not all. The “Wild 243” symbol not only substitutes all other symbols but also initiates the special “reel reverse” feature. When a winning combination is landed with wild symbols in it, the reels reverse with the winning line locked in place. The respins will continue for every subsequent win, and will increase a multiplier of up to x5!

  • “Joker Reelz”

    The base reel layout for this game is 5x3 - Tom Hron

    The base reel layout for this game is 5x3, but this can change depending on the frequency with which giant symbols will appear on the screen! Once a “wild joker” symbol lands on the reels, the game will initiate respins, which will retrigger every time a wild symbol is landed. Giant symbols can be formed from two or even three reels – they will randomly form on every spin, which can happen in both regular play and in “respin mode”. Joker Reelz has nine pay lines and an RTP of 96%.!

  • “Shaolin Tiger”

    5x3 pattern slot has three special symbols - Tom Horn

    Carrying a “kung fu” visual style, this 5x3 pattern slot has three special symbols called “the fighters”. Once they land on the reels, they will grant 10 free spins. If those very same symbols land on the reels while in “free spin mode”, they will act as wilds and substitute all other symbols except for the “golden tiger” symbol. Shaolin Tiger has nine paylines, a low volatility factor, and an RTP of 96.44%. If a player manages to land five golden tiger symbols in a winning combination, they will win a x5,000 times their bet!

  • “Diamond Hill”

    A slot with a special 5x1x3x5x3x1 reel layout - Tom Horn game

    A slot with a special 5x1x3x5x3x1 reel layout, this game features differently coloured diamonds that act as the symbols here. There are wild symbols that will not only substitute all others but will also turn into multipliers randomly, that can go up to x9. Additionally, every single win that features a wild symbol will trigger a respin. During those respins, winning combinations will lock in place, while all other symbols respin. Respins will continue until no wins are landed. Diamond Hill has a 96% RTP rate, 36 “criss-cross” win lines, and a high volatility factor.

  • “Monster Madness 2”

    This 3x3 slot layout, eight pay lines, and a whole lot more!

    This 3x3 slot layout, eight pay lines, and a whole lot more. Among the special symbols, there are scatters, wilds, and scatter-wild-multipliers. Winning combinations that have been landed with scatter symbols can grant not only a reward valued at x100 times a player’s bet, but also grant up to 11 free spins. The RTP of this game is 96%.

  • “Kongo Bongo”

    3x1 slot of Tom Horn

    Probably the only 3x1 slot of Tom Horn, this “monkey business-themed” game has only one payline. Kongo Bongo doesn’t have any special features and is probably the simplest of all Tom Horn slots. This single-lined slot might not be as feature-filled, but its highest paying symbol will provide a win that is 500 times the amount of a player’s bet. With a minimum bet of €0.10 and a maximum of €100, if a player is lucky, they can score a win of €50,000!

Only the Essential Table Games Are Present

While Tom Horn likes to explore different gaming genres, they don’t seem to be that much invested in expanding their table gaming section. With that being said, the four different table games present here are European Roulette, Three Card Poker, Baccarat, and American Roulette. We should mention that while all of the table games feature solid gameplay, their visual design can be considered to be a bit “dated”, however, they still have a “nostalgic feel” that is always marketable in different online casinos.

A Majority of Keno Titles in the Other Games Section

Out of the seven available “other” titles, four of them are variants of keno. Although it doesn’t seem that Tom Horn has decided to expand further on their other titles section, they have made some interesting titles that are worth checking out. One game in particular not only stands in terms of gameplay but also as a “genre innovation” example. Check the most popular speciality titles out.

  • “Spinball”

    Tom Hron - is an interesting take on the pinball game!

    is an interesting take on the pinball game genre, with a gambling twist. Once a player has adjusted their desired bet amount, they will release a ball, which will then have the chance of coming into contact with a variety of bumpers in the pinball machine itself. Every bumper has a bet multiplier, that will compound an overall sum – the more times the ball comes into contact with the bumpers, the bigger the reward will be. The only special feature here is the “free spins” which a player can receive up to 5. Perhaps the only downside of this game, is that the “flippers” at the bottom, are automatic; and won’t hit when you would want them to.

  • “Scratch Card”

    Six types of multipliers – from x1 to x100

    With a self-explanatory name, this game allows the player to purchase a hidden 2x3 box card, which can be either manually “scratched” or automatically revealed. The symbols that will be shown, will be six types of multipliers – from x1 to x100. If a player manages to reveal three multiplier symbols of the same kind, they will receive an award based on that number.

  • “Power Keno”

    Play Power Kano and win - classic version of the game!

    This Keno variant is quite interesting when it comes to comparing it with the most classic version of the game, as it provides a “side win” called the “Power Ball”. Once a player has selected ten of the eighty available numbers and has hit play, 20 keno balls will fill in the side field, while four of them will be coloured in red. Those red balls will provide additional wins to the player if they have managed to guess the numbers correctly.

Tom Horn Gaming Likes Video Poker

Clearly favouring this genre, Tom Horn has produced 12 stunning video poker titles, which range from single-hand games, to “4 hand poker”. Players will be capable of experiencing classic VP titles such as Jacks or Better and Joker Poker; however, there are also some new VP alliterations such as “Deuces and Joker” and “Double Poker”.

Exceptionally Licensed and Certified

Tom Horn Gaming is licensed and regulated by the two most famous online gambling administrations in the world – the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA/B2B/333/2016), and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Furthermore, this developer’s software has been tested, analysed, and certified for fairness and security by iTech Labs, and Global Labs International UK. Tom Horn Gaming wants to make sure that everyone who is interested in the company and its services is capable of accessing the licensing information about its games, which is why it has made it available on their website. The company has also been certified in Sweden and was awarded for excellence in the Southern European Gaming Awards.

Mobile Platform Optimisation – Used Development Technology

Although today the majority of games made by Tom Horn Gaming are indeed made on HTML5 and are compatible with mobile devices that run on iOS and Android, there are a few older titles by this developer which are still operating under the platform “Flash”. Flash is an older software development platform, and it is known for having compatibility issues with mobile devices. On the other hand, the company has listed the individual compatibility information for each separate game. Although the games of THG are supported by most conventional browsers, the developer itself has listed the following ones as most preferred - Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.

Company History, Business Roadmap, Company Mission

It was very interesting to discover that while the company has existed for more than ten years, the first evidence of a THG website appeared in 2017. With offices in Malta and many other countries, this company continues to develop its business grasp upon the European iGaming market. Regarded to be a company of “few descriptions” Tom Horn value themselves as being a business that cares about the satisfaction of their customers; which is why, they are driven to continue introducing innovation in the iGaming world.

Some of the Unique Gaming Features of This Developer

Genre merging is known to be a “hit and miss” endeavour among companies that create online casino software; however, Tom Horn has done an incredible job with “Spinball”. Another example of gaming innovation can be seen in the “magic number” feature in the “Double Poker” VP game. The magic number allows the player to select a number from 2 to 10, and will double the profit from a winning hand; however, the number must match the highest value card in the winning hand. Even today, Tom Horn Gaming continues to explore and implement new gaming features in its software.

Tom Horn - Roullete game

News about the Company, Info Letter and Portals

Tom Horn Gaming is a company that is strongly involved sharing information about their personal achievements with the industry, and they do so via an official news section, newsletter subscriptions, and of course – social media. THG are highly active on Facebook, posting new content daily; however, they also have profiles on YouTube and LinkedIn.

How Does Tom Horn Compare to Others in the Industry?

THG is a company that offers a complete suite of online gambling products and services. Their software supports more than twenty languages, and the games themselves can be incorporated into a variety of mobile, PC, and terminal platforms. The tournaments and jackpot system of Tom Horn Gaming is also an impressive feature that puts the developer into a league of its own; which is why this company is among the few ones preferred by the best new casinos online.

A Socially Responsible Company ­- Gambling and Care for the Players

As a licensed developer and software supplier of online gambling products, Tom Horn Gaming is aware of the dangers of gambling, which is why they are associated with the UK charity The charity provides anonymous and free assistance to any individuals who wish to seek help in managing their own addiction challenges.

Partnerships with Casinos and Other iGaming Companies

It is important to mention that Tom Horn Gaming is a business that connects with other developers, aggregators, and casinos as well! With that being said, some of the biggest partners of THG include names such as Novibet, EveryMatrix, Panorama Gaming, iGamingPlatform, OlyBet, Progress Play, SoftGamings, Balkan Bet, Betsafe, the Betsson Group, Microgaming, Gaming1, BetConstruct, and so many others! To this day, Tom Horn Gaming continues to create allies of some of the most known brands in the iGaming world.

Tom Horn Keeps Moving Forward

Some of THG’s strengths include their impeccable sense for making a variety of business partners. The fact that they recognise their inability to host their own live dealer games, has made them make an incredibly successful business move by partnering with Vivo Gaming; which is admirable, to say the least. Tom Horn Gaming is considered to be a staple for quality for the iGaming European market in particular, and with its newly developed games, it will continue to be considered as such for many years to come!