Apollo Games Developer Review – Diverse Software Solutions

Apollo Games is a manufacturer of VLT (Video lottery terminal) and a developer/ distributor of casino gaming software. Established in 2007, the company’s initial niche was to provide physical gaming machines for the land-based casino industry; however, it wasn’t long before they dedicated a good portion of their resources into developing online casino gaming solutions as well. Today, Apollo Games is one of the most renowned developers in Europe and in this article, you will learn why.

The Online Casino Games of Apollo

Apollo Games was established in 2007

While currently there are 34 games made for VLT casino cabinets, the number of titles made available for online casino operators is 27. Apollo is a developer that is entirely focused on producing games of the slot genre. While they do have a couple of video poker titles, those are meant for the VLT part of the business.

The Slots Are More Than Impressive

What should be mentioned first is the fact that all of the slots made by Apollo Games are based on the company’s own original designs. There are no “brand knock-offs” or blatant “rip-offs” of famous franchises. The company wishes to stand out with the quality of its original titles, and this is why a player won’t even get as much of a hint from the stylistic design of the titles. It should be said the slots feature the latest HD graphics, which makes them look equally impressive on both a smartphone and a large cabinet monitor. We have analysed some of the most famous slots of Apollo Games below.

  • “Crystal Miners”

    “Crystal Miners” is a slot by Apollo Games with a 5x3 reel layout and 40 paylines

    This is one of the most vivid and colourful video slots ever seen in the iGaming industry. It has a 5x3 reel layout and 40 pay lines. Some of the unique features of this slot are the winning gamble function, a bonus game, bonus wilds, re-spins, and symbol-switching!

  • “Gangster World”

    The “Gangster World” 3D slot by Apollo Games has 5x3 reel layout and 20 fixed paylines

    A mafia-themed game, this “30’s-looking” 3D video slot, has 5 reels and 3 symbol rows. The bonus symbols present here can start a mini-game, while the wilds symbols will double up any winnings if they are present in a successful combination. The game has 20 fixed pay lines, random wilds, random symbol explosions, random cascading symbols, and a gamble feature as well.

  • “Pandora”

    The Apollo Games slot “Pandora” offers many features

    Modelled after themes from Greek mythology, Pandora is a slot that that offers features such as symbol substitutes, mystery symbols, wilds, mystery wins, gamble function, and multiplier wins. Although this slot has only 5 pay lines, the potential winning amounts definitely make up for it.

  • “Turbo Slots”

    “Turbo Slots” is a beautifully crafted sci-fi 3D slot by Apollo Games

    This is a beautifully crafted sci-fi 3D slot with a classic fruit theme. In a 3x5 layout, this futuristic game offers features such as random wilds, multipliers up to x5, five winning lines, and a win multiplication function! One of the most remarkable extras in Turbo Slots is that the wild feature can either replace a symbol, spread to nearby symbols, or mix them all up!

Full Customisation Is Available

The best new casinos online are lining up to work with Apollo Games, because of the customisation factor they provide. Not only will operators get what they need in terms of games, but also almost every single aspect of that gaming software can be subjected to modification, so it can fit the business preferences of any online casino operator. Features such as the RTP rate, min/max bet sizes, and maximum game payout can be adjusted in accordance with the needs of the customer.

Apollo Is Licensed, Tested, Certified and Authorised!

Apollo Games’ VLT and online casino software have been tested and certified by the Electrotechnical Testing Institute of the Czech Republic, and the Technical Testing Institute of Slovakia. On the other hand, the company’s business activity has been authorised by the Ministries of Finance of both the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well. Recently, the company was awarded a complete-approval certificate issued by Global Labs International – a third party company tasked with auditing gambling software. What is most interesting is that GLI certified not only Apollo’s software products but also its VLT machines!

Mobile Platform Compatibility and Additional Support

As a company that produces gaming software for both online and land-based platforms, it comes to us as no surprise that every single slot of Apollo Games runs superbly on operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. It is said that the reason the games of Apollo are so well-optimised, is because the company’s professionals managed to use their VLT manufacturing experience when incorporating Apollo’s casino games within the online environment.

What Developing Software Does the Company Use?

Partially, the success of Apollo’s games is due to the fact that the company utilises only HTML5 as its main software development platform. While this modern platform is considered to be the cornerstone of development for Apollo, it is used in combination with other programming languages such as Java, ActionScript, Linux and Flash.

Brief Company History and Mission

It is a little known fact that Apollo Gaming started under a different brand name – Apk Soft. It was in 2014 when they decided to change it, along with their business approach to the iGaming industry, which is when they started making a significant impression on online casino developers.

The company’s initial business goal was to provide its customers with highly flexible and customisable casino gaming solutions, but ever since they “became famous”, their mission evolved along with their business model as well. Today, Apollo Games has become a company with an incredible market reach that has expanded to Europe, Africa and Asia.

Specific and Unique Game Features of Apollo’s Software

There are two types of gambling features that allow players to double their winnings. The first one is called “red or black” and its basically guessing the colour of the card about to be drawn. The second gambling feature is present in the slot “Gangster World”, and it has to do with drawing a higher playing card than the one given to the “dealer”. The first gambling feature can be won up to five times. If the fifth time is won by the player, the slot will resume normal play.

Every slot has a detailed settings menu that allows the transferring of casino credit to game money, language settings with more than 10 languages, and a “history” page that allows the player to view the statistic of every single reel spin performed from the moment the game was opened. The results page will show whether the spin was a winning/losing one, what amount was bet on, and at what point in time the spin took place. Apollo’s games have many more unique traits!

Company News and Contact Methods

Fans or potential clients of Apollo Games can learn a lot about the company from their LinkedIn profile. Although it doesn’t seem that the developer has other social media accounts, they do feature an extensive news section where they regularly post information about the latest professional achievements, upcoming projects, and event attendance. Casino operators that wish to initiate communication with Apollo Games can also do so via the provided email address or the phone hotline listed on their website.

How This Developer Compares to Others in the Industry

When compared to other European-based casino software developers, Apollo Gaming stands out not only with the quality of their work but also with the visual variety of its titles. Some of the best-known industry-leading companies today are known to have started their business journey as VLT manufacturers. Since Apollo has started out in a similar way, they have entered a league of their own. It wouldn’t come as a surprise to us when they start setting their own iGaming industry standards in a few years, which definitely puts Apollo a notch above the rest.

Partnerships with Casinos and Other Companies

Just like any successful casino software developer, Apollo is a company that has managed to strike a number of important business partnerships with both other developers and casino brands as well. Among the most notable business partners of Apollo Games, are the companies SoftGamings and BetConstruct. When it comes to operator customers, there are more than 12 of the best new casinos online that utilise Apollo’s gaming software!

Apollo Games Continues it’s Market Expansion

The online casino software released by Apollo Games has received full scores by many reviewing agencies. Regardless of their quantity and variety, they look and play amazing – which is what makes the difference in the iGaming industry. They are licensed, certified, and active on the iGaming scene, easily making them a developer that the best new casinos online want to work with. We are looking forward to seeing what new online casino games the company will come up with in the future.