Betsense Software – a Georgian Game Developer on Its Way to Become the Best

Betsense is an online casino software developer that is said to have been established in 2015. Located and operating primarily in the Eastern European country of Georgia, this developer has had a strong start, and today continues to be the “talk of the town” among European iGaming circles.

This developer is renowned for its professional work, and although they might be found lacking in some aspects, they surely excel in others. Let’s take a look at it all.

The Games Are of the Wide Variety

Betsense was established in 2015

The company offers 24 games in total. Just like the gaming roster of other developers, the titles of the slot variety are more prevalent here; however, there are some online casino games that even big developers won’t try to introduce, such as – Backgammon, Russian Poker, Sear Battle, and quite a few others. What's impressive here is that Betsense offers both games of chance and games of skill!

The Slots of Betsense Are Unique

Although different visual themes are used for the slots, Betsense is a developer that seems to prefer classic “fruit” symbols and overall themes. Regardless of a few recurring visual styles, it is the additional features, gameplay mechanics, and options that make the slots of Betsense interesting to experience. Here are some of the most popular ones produced by the company.

  • “World Cup”

    “World Cup” is a 3x5 soccer-themed slot by Betsense with 20 fixed paylines

    This is a 3x5 soccer-themed slot that has a lot of features. The game allows players to set how the icon of the wild symbol would look, in this case, there are a large number of national flags a player can choose from. Another thing that should be mentioned is the four different types of jackpots that can be set by the operator. There are wilds, scatter symbols, 20 fixed pay lines, and a gamble function that allows for amounts to be halved before being wagered.

  • “Dictator”

    The “Dictator” slot game by Betsense features a 3x5 reel layout and 20 paylines

    This somewhat grim but entertaining slot has a 3x5 reel layout and a lot of visual references to the humanity’s worst rulers of history. Nevertheless, this slot has scatter symbols that can give up to 15 free spins, wild substitutes, and also a bonus round where the player “shoots dictators” will be activated upon gathering the right amount of bonus symbols. This slot has 20 adjustable pay lines, a multiplier bonus round, and a winning gamble feature.

  • “This Is Sparta”

    The Betsense slot “This Is Sparta” has 40 fixed pay lines

    This is an “ancient Greece-themed” slot and has a standard 3x5 layout. Although there are no additional special symbols, there are 40 fixed pay lines that provide a better chance for scoring a winning combination. Like the previously mentioned slot, there is a possibility for the implementation of four different jackpot types, should the casino operator want to.

  • “40 Slice Fruit”

    “40 Slice Fruit” is one of the best fruit-themed slots made by Betsense

    This is one of the best fruit-themed slots made by Betsense. Not only is the reel layout a 4x5, but also there are 40 fixed pay lines that will result in many more winning chances. Wilds, substitutes, scatter symbols, and a gambling feature, are the principal extras players would find here. The “Slice Fruit” is a popular slot series of Betsense, so don’t be surprised if you see one with 20 pay lines as well.

  • “Old Boy”

    The “Old Boy” slot game by Betsense features 20 paylines

    This is a 20-pay line slot that is modelled in a mafia cartoon style. The game has five reels and three symbol rows, and the pay lines can be adjusted by the players themselves. The game has scatter, bonus, and wild symbols, and every single one of them will perform a specific function if the player is lucky enough to land them.

The Games of Skill

What many developers are struggling to do over the years, Betsense has managed to achieve in months; namely, the creation of separate table game lobbies! Online gambling “Player-versus-player” games are considered to be a rarity in the worldwide gambling landscape, so even to attempt making one, and making it work is considered to be a challenge for many. However, players that are looking for some real money backgammon action or wish to play some cash dominoes can do so in any online casino that offers Betsense games.

No Information about Additional Licensing

Sadly, we were unable to find what type of technical and legal certificates the software developer has, that allows the company to offer its products and services. Although there are no visible seals of approval or certificate links, we are 100% certain that as a high-profile company that endorses the most famous casino in the country, Betsense is more than known to any government institution, so it is extremely likely that they possess all necessary accreditations.

Mobile Compatibility and Additional Platform Support

While some of Betsense’s games do support mobile use on Android and iOS, a good portion of the company's gaming roster is still only available for desktop computers operating under macOS and Windows. Mobile users will still be able to rejoice because the best looking and playing games can be experienced on a smartphone or a tablet!

They Are Mainly Using Flash as Their Primary Development Platform

The company started its game developing services with the use of the software platform Flash, and today continues to use it for a big part of its projects. Recently, the developer has recognized the value of HTML5 as it has made some of its slots using that platform, which has provided Betsense not only with better development tools but also with much wider business opportunities.

Some Company History Trivia and Business Goals

Little is known about the precise origins of the company, but we can tell for sure that if the company was indeed established in 2015, its website went live in 2018. In the beginning, Betsense was making quite a few online casino titles in their native Georgian language; however, with the introduction of the new development technology, they’ve started producing their gaming software in English. They foresee their own partnerships with the best new casinos online and understand that they need to be prepared for a bigger market. According to many sources, Betsense is expected to become quite famous in the European iGaming industry in the following few years.

Specific Game Features Made by This Developer

The first thing that makes a positive impression about the slots of Betsense is the four “jackpot amounts” bars placed on the top of each game. Those “number counters” will depict four different jackpot level sums, and depending on the casino operator that uses them, they can be big, or very big! Betsense’s slot features are definitely impressive.

The “gamble” function is also another unique slot feature which allows players to place their most recent win from a spin, and try to guess if a red or black card will appear, for the chance of doubling the amount of their wager. Although many developers implement their own gambling features, the one present in all Betsense slots allows splitting that bet in two, and only wager half of the money.

News and Contacts – a Developer Active in Social Media

Although the website of Betsense has a dedicated news section, it is on their Facebook and Twitter channel where people can get the most recent information about their products. If a potential partner wishes to acquire additional information from the company, they can do so by contacting Betsense via Skype, email, or a telephone number!

How Does Betsense Compare to Others in the Industry?

The first thing we should mention is that currently, Betsense caters mainly to the Georgian iGaming market. Still, while the company doesn’t present any “industry-shattering” innovations, their games are well made and feature-filled. Betsense seems to be in somewhat of a technological transition at the moment, that definitely puts the developer a level above companies that still decide to work with obsolete technology.

Partnerships with Casinos and Other Companies

The first and foremost customer of Betsense is the company Adjarabet, which is considered to be the leading online gambling services provider in Georgia. Recently, the company also acquired a new business partner in the face of the company Leader-Bet. Some of the casino brands that feature Betsense gaming software are JackpotCity, Spin Casino, SlotsMagic, EUcasino and Mega Casino.

In Conclusion – Preparing for the Foreign iGaming Markets

Betsense shows a lot of potential for an online casino software developer, and it is precisely why a number of non-Georgian online casinos work with the company. By slowly transitioning to HTML5 technology, this developer will definitely be among the leading online casino software providers in the European iGaming market, if not the world!