Premium Online Games – the Full "We Are Casino" Developer Review

We Are Casino, also known as “WAC” is an online gambling software developer that was founded in 2017, and established in Sliema, Malta. Shortly after being launched, the company made bold claims in the iGaming industry to providing the best game-developing platform in the world. While statements like this are usually dismissed easily, We Are Casino does manage to provide substantial proof, in the form of numerous games, licenses, and services. Learn everything about WAC in the paragraphs below!

The Games Made by WAC

“WAC” is an online gambling software developer that was founded in 2017

There are currently 30 games made by We Are Casino. Naturally, the majority of them are slots, but there are also a few bingo titles. Regardless of the genre, the games of We Are Casino run smoothly and feature high-quality graphics. In the paragraphs below, we have explained in detail all of the different gaming sections, along with their best examples.

The Slots Are Diverse

Although all of the slots made by We Are Casino seem to be of an original design, players with a knack for detail might recognise some elements inspired by recent pop-culture themes. In addition to the different designs, the games themselves have a variety of features that provide a unique gaming experience. Here are some of the most popular slots made by We Are Casino.

  • “Veggie Toons”

    “Veggie Toons” is a 3x5 slot game by WAC with 10 fixed paylines

    This is a colourful 3x5 slot game that has 10 fixed pay lines. The scatter symbols here can grant up to 10 free spins, and any wild symbols will act as replacements for all other symbols (except for scatters). If a reel produces more than three “bonus symbols”, a mini game will appear, giving a chance to the player to get more winnings.

  • “Golden Egg”

    The “Golden Egg” slot by WAC has a 5x3 reel layout and 30 fixed paylines

    Wild symbols, scatters, free spins and a bonus game are only a few of this game’s additional features. This animal-farm themed slot has a 5x3 reel pattern and 30 fixed pay lines.

  • “Indiana Cabbage”

    The newest WAC slot “Indiana Cabbage” features a 3x5 layout and 20 paylines

    This is one of the newer slot titles of WAC. It features a 3x5 layout, 20 adjustable pay lines, a bonus game, an auto-spin, and slam-stop function.

  • “Ice Cream Van”

    “Ice Cream Van” slot by WAC has 20 paylines and many special symbols

    This ice cream-flavoured slot features substituting symbols, scatters, wilds, 20 pay lines, and a bonus game that offers fabulous prizes. Players will be able to adjust anything from the number of lines they would like to bet on, to the size of the actual wager.

  • “Rooaar”

    The “Rooaar” is a WAC slot game with a 3x5 layout and 20 paylines

    This is a dinosaur-themed slot game that offers a 3x5 layout and 20 adjustable pay lines. Other features include a bonus game, and a variety of special symbols such as wilds, and scatters. The game also has a “gamble” feature, which allows players to risk their most recent win in order to double it in a guessing game of “red or black”.

A Decent Variety of Bingo Games

We Are Casino definitely enjoys creating bingo games because they offer 10 of them. Some of the most popular names here are “Chef Bingo”, “Fashion Bingo”, “Shamrock Bingo”, “Al Pachinko” and quite a few others. The gameplay principle of all bingo titles seems to be the same, while the maximum available number of bingo cards that can be played at the same time is four. Depending on the title, any bingo game of We Are Casino can have additional features such as an extra ball, jackpot, free spins and others.

The Licenses of We Are Casino

We Are Casino is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. The developer also possesses an eGaming License issued by the Government of Curacao! The fact that the software developer is licensed by two different administrations means that it adheres to a number of legal industry-established rules for software fairness and security.

Superior Mobile Platform Support

It comes as no surprise that all of the online casino games produced by We Are Casino are superbly optimised for use with mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android. Naturally, the software will also be compatible with desktop computers that run on macOS and Windows.

The Software Development Platforms Utilised by WAC

The company has specifically mentioned that they don’t use 3rd party libraries for the creation of their gaming software, nor implement any “Flash-conversion”. WAC is a company that has started to develop 100% of its online casino titles with HTML5, which is considered to be the best industry standard when creating online casino games.

The Proprietary Developing Platform by We Are Casino

Throughout the years, this developer has come up with an idea of creating a game-building platform for their customers. Today, WAC offers this “Slot Builder”, which is liked by many developers and casinos alike, as it allows for the creation of a decent slot game without the need for complex programming knowledge. The entire developing experience in the Slot Builder is based on “drag and drop” design, and it also allows for the easy integration of the end product into a variety of online casino platforms. The WAC Slot Builder might just be the best game building platform out there!

Brief Company History and Business Mission

WAC sought not only to provide the iGaming industry with a variety of high-quality online casino games, but also to create and implement tools that would make the development of software much easier and streamlined. The current goal of this developer is to continue providing the biggest names in the iGaming industry with the premium quality software they need!

Some of the Specific Game Features of We Are Casino

When it comes to additional features in slots, WAC has made the right call by implementing the famous “Gambling” function. Essentially, when a player wins a spin of the reels, the game will give them a choice – red or black. If they have predicted successfully, their winnings will be doubled. Not all games have an implemented gambling feature, but the majority of the slots do. Other slot extras include an autoplay function, slam-stop capability and a whole lot more.

News about the Company

We Are Casino has social media channels on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, where people can follow up on the most recent achievements of the developer. Although WAC doesn’t have a dedicated Blogspot or a news section, interested parties can always get in touch with the company via email, and learn everything they need to know.

How This Developer Compares to Others in the Industry?

While We Are Casino doesn't provide the variety and quantity offered by many others, they are currently the first ones to release a Slot Building platform to its customers! This is a huge leap forward, as it allows clients to fully customise the game they want to create.

Gambling and Care for the Players

The official website of the developer shows that they are a part of the “Responsible Gaming Trust” – a number of online charities that are created to provide help and assistance to players with gambling addiction issues. We Are Casino’s association with Gambling Therapy and GambleAware shows that this developer is leading a moral and socially responsible business practice that takes the iGaming community into consideration.

Partnerships with Casinos and Other Companies

In its swift and impressive business development, We Are Casino managed to not only make itself known in the iGaming industry but also gather a number of high-profile business partners. One of them is the world-famous online casino software distributor SoftGamings! Additional developer and casino brands include names such as Espresso Games, Woohoo Games, Groove Gaming, and more than 75 other business partners.

In Conclusion – Developing Complete Casino Solutions

While We Are Casino is able to produce online casino games of superior quality, their professional drive shows them being focused on changing the way casino gaming software is made. WAC is often the first choice for the best new casinos online, and with a good reason – they are a company that offers complex aggregate platform solutions that work incredibly well and are easy to manage by the operators themselves. The fact that this young company managed to achieve so much in such a short period of time shows that they are no pushover, and it definitely guarantees them a place among the leaders in the iGaming industry.