New and Impressive Online Casino Software Maker – the Caleta Gaming Review

Caleta Gaming is a “design & develop” company of online casino games that was established in 2013. Hailing from Latin America, this developer has managed to impress the best new casinos online with an incredibly well-made portfolio of games. In this review, we will find out what makes Caleta’s gaming titles so good, as well as dive into the origins of the company itself, and its current developments!

The Casino Games of Caleta

Caleta Gaming was established in 2013

Caleta Gaming currently offers 50 online casino games. What is interesting about this provider is that that a good portion of this developer’s gaming portfolio consists of bingo, keno and lotto titles. Naturally, the majority of the games are slots which managed to impress us with their gameplay and visual quality. Discover more about those different gaming genres in the following paragraphs.

The Slots Are Exceptional

At the time of preparing this review, our experts counted exactly 32 slot games. They all feature unique visual design and an intricate variety of special features. By examining the slot roster even further, we found out that Caleta Gaming prefers to make slots with a 3x3, 5x4, and 5x3 layout, with the latter type being a bit more prevalent in the developer’s portfolio. We have taken the most popular titles of Caleta Gaming and have analysed them further below.

  • “HurriCash”

    “HurriCash” is a 9x1 slot by Caleta Gaming with an RTP rate of 96.40%

    This is a 9x1 slot that dons the “farm” visual theme. All wins here are classified as “scatter pays” and a symbol different from the “bonus one” will be presented as the “special” symbol. If a player receives three or more special symbols, they will lock in place, and any winnings they grant will be multiplied x2. Additionally, HurriCash has a “windmill cash bonus feature” that gives a variety of prizes. Players will have the chance of winning up to 100 free spins, that will increase the winning multiplier of any special symbols from x2 to x4! This slot has an RTP rate of 96.40%.

  • “Village Brewery”

    The “Village Brewery” by Caleta Gaming features a 3x3 reel layout

    This Oktoberfest-styled beer slot features a 3x3 reel layout and a bashful number of special features. The wild symbols will substitute all others except scatters. The latter, on the other hand, has a chance to trigger a bonus round in which a player would choose among a variety of beer glasses to accumulate a win. If no wins appear during a regular spin, there is a chance of appearance of random bonus symbols. This slot has nine pay lines and an RTP rate of 96.16%. Village Brewery comes ready in 12 different languages!

  • “Dragon Rising”

    The Caleta Gaming slot “Dragon Rising” has a 5x4 reel layout and 50 fixed pay lines

    Features wilds, scatter symbols, win multipliers (x4), a bonus feature and free spins. This Chinese dragon-themed slot has a 5x4 reel layout and 50 fixed pay lines. Additionally, Dragon rising presents a “gamble feature” that allows the player to risk their most recent win, for a chance of doubling it every time

  • “Enchanted Cash”

    “Enchanted Cash” is a Caleta Gaming 5x3 slot with 20 fixed paylines

    Banking on a visual design based on Irish myths such as the leprechaun, the Enchanted Cash slot has three types of special symbols – wilds, free spin, and bonus. If the specific conditions of a spin are met, the wilds can become expanded or stacked wilds, providing even greater winning opportunities. Players can win up to 20 free spins if they land five special symbols. Enchanted Cash has a 5x3 reel layout, 20 fixed pay lines, and an RTP of 96.09%.

  • “Viking Madness”

    The Caleta Gaming slot “Viking Madness” has 25 pay lines

    This is another 5x4 layout slot that has 25 pay lines and a whole lot of additional features. There is the single pick bonus, free spins (FS), FS spin wild reels, FS with sticky wilds, and special FS. This Norse-styled slot is calculated to have an RTP rate of 96%.

All Other Games of Caleta

The second most populated gaming genre of Caleta Gaming is Bingo. Currently, there are 14 bingo titles, all of which have different visual themes and features; however, every single one of them is similar via the fact that they all contain four cards with Bingo numbers. Among the other lottery-type genres, there are also three Keno titles and a single lotto game. We have analysed the most popular titles below.

  • “Senorita Calavera”

    “Senorita Calavera” is a bingo game by Caleta Gaming

    This “day of the dead” styled bingo game offers ten winning card patterns. Once a regular ball draw is concluded, the game will allow the player to purchase up to 14 additional balls. The cost for each extra ball will increase proportionally to the odds of winning. Additionally, a “special ball” may be awarded, which allows the player to manually select a number that hasn’t been drawn on a particular card. This bingo title also includes two mini bonus games that offer additional prizes. The RTP of Senorita Calavera is 95.10%.

  • “Magical Keno”

    The “Magical Keno” game by Caleta Gaming has a single card with 80 numbers

    This game has a single card with 80 numbers and an RTP rate of 92.38%. The min-max betting range of this magic-themed game will be from 1 to 5 units of currency. Players will be able to pick up to 10 numbers, and the number of balls that will be drawn will be 20. The additional features of “Magical Keno” are the “fast pick” function, and the “magical wheel bonus”.

  • “Atomic Lotto”

    The Caleta Gaming lotto game “Atomic Lotto” has four different number counters

    This is a one of a kind lotto game with four different number counters, every one of which features six digits. The players can manually select the numbers in each counter or just use the “fast pick” button. Once they have initiated play, six numbers will be drawn into the top part of the interface, and any matching numbers will provide a win. In addition to wins being granted in the correct order and position of the number, the game can grant a “wild shiny atomic ball”. Atomic Lotto has an RTP rate of 95.21%.

Mobile Platform Support and Use of Development Software

What is most impressive is the use of the HTML5 software development platform by Caleta Gaming. In fact, all of the games produced by this developer are fully compatible with all mobile devices that run on iOS, Android and Windows. Although HTML5 is supported by a wide variety of Internet browsers (both mobile and desktop versions), Caleta Gaming officially supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

Additional Company History and Future Business Plans

Caleta was initially started by three professionals who are part of the company even today. Although initially established in the city of Florianopolis, Brazil, the company opened a new office in London, England. It is there, where they moved the majority of their marketing operations while retaining the Brazilian branch as their main software development headquarters. Employing approximately 50 people today, Caleta is expected to develop even further – their business motto continues to be “making better games”, and if we are to judge by the quality of their products, they are definitely making it happen.

Some of the Unique Game Features of Caleta

Slot games with a 3x3 layout such as “HurriCash” and “Vegas Baby” have unique reel animations. As opposed to the regular way reels spin in “threes”, symbols start spinning individually. Although this gives the illusion that this is simply an animation feature, the slots with this type of layout do not have any pay lines, because every single symbol is classified as an individual reel. It is for that reason Caleta Gaming lists the layout of these games of being “9x1”. In addition to custom reels and layouts, Caleta Gaming offers even more innovative features!

News about the Business and Its Products

Fans of Caleta’s gaming titles and any potential business partners can learn more about the company, from a number of information portals. Caleta Gaming manages its own social media accounts at YouTube and LinkedIn, where they offer a lot of insight regarding their upcoming titles and business strategy. On the other hand, the most recent information regarding this developer is published on its official website.

How Does Caleta Compare to Other Developers in the iGaming Industry?

If we are to judge by region, Caleta Gaming can be considered to be the best online casino developer that has come out of South America. Although having little over five years of industry experience, this company has stood out with the quality of its products, that in some regard appear to rival that of much bigger companies. Granted, Caleta Gaming is taking its time when producing its games; however, they are still considered to be among the best new developers around.

Partnerships with Casinos and Other Companies

Although Caleta has a number of high-profile business partners, they aren’t that many – a factor, attributed to the somewhat “late” release of Caleta’s initial portfolio of games. The first business partner of the developer that is considered to also be one of the most important ones is the investment company Vereeni that gave the expansion capital to this developer so they can expand further in the iGaming industry. Today, Vereeni owns 25% of Caleta Gaming. The developer is also partnered with – a famous online sportsbook. The latest addition to the business partners circle of Caleta comes in the form of Copacabana Gaming – a software distribution company with which they have formed a joint business venture called “Ipanema Gaming”.

In Conclusion – Caleta Continues its Development

We are happy to learn that Caleta Gaming has managed to overcome its initial product distribution challenges, and today receives the business exposure it deserves. The company’s gaming titles are a gem to play and will become a popular addition to the best new casinos online. We will be following Caleta Gaming closely and will be happy to learn what they will come up with next.