A True Casino Entertainment Developer - the AGS Company Review

AGS (American Gaming Systems) is a casino software developer that started out somewhere in the 90’ in Las Vegas, USA. Initially, this company proved to be one of the most successful providers of slots and VLT machines not only in “Sin City” but in many other states. After deciding to take a leap of faith and move onto the iGaming industry, AGS made everything they could in their power to gain a number of important industry licenses as well as producing high-quality online casino games. In this review, we will learn more about the strengths and drawbacks of AGS as a software developer, and whether or not they stand a chance among other industry-proven companies.

The Games Are Many but Limited

AGS Gaming is a casino software developer established in the 90’s

We have managed to find more than 120 games in AGS’s portfolio, with the majority of them being slots, followed after by table games, and some bingo titles. We should mention that not all titles produced by AGS will be available for online play - some of the games made by this provider are exclusive only to VLT machines.

The Slots Are Both Many and Not Enough

In the overall list of slot games, we've counted approximately 95 titles. If we are to judge by the availability of the games and viable information online, only 14 of all slots are available for online play. Even those games which are made available for iGaming operators are designed in a way that predisposes their incorporation in a VLT terminal. Regardless, we have taken the liberty of analysing the most popular online casino slots by AGS below:

  • “Fu Nan Fu Nu”

    The “Fu Nan Fu Nu” slot by AGS has a classic 5x3 reel layout

    This is a Chinese festival-themed slot with a classic 5x3 reel layout. This exceptional slot has a bonus symbol that grants additional “credits” and free spins. What is interesting is that once the free spin bonus is granted, a player will be given a choice between 15, 10, and 5 FS. If they choose 15, the FS will run on the present 5x3 grid. Should they choose 10 FS, the reels will expand to a 5x4 formation, and if they choose to play only 5 FS, the slot will expand to a 5x5 reel layout!

    During FS mode, players will have the chance to win additional free spins. The game has an RTP rate of 95.89% and a wild symbol that substitutes all others, but the most special features of all are probably the four different jackpots - mini, minor, major, and grand!

  • “Apollo Stacks”

    The AGS slot “Apollo Stacks” features 5x4 reel layout and 4 jackpots

    This 5x4 Apollo-themed game also has the same four types of jackpots that were described in the previous slot. What makes Apollo Stacks different, is that once the free spin bonus is initiated, the player will be given the option to select one of three FS amounts - 15, 10, and 6. By choosing an FS number, players will affect which reels will have a chance of displaying a wild symbol. Additional slot extras include the “Gold feature” (transforming reels) and expanding symbol reels. Apollo Stacks has 50 pay lines and an RTP of 95.99%.

  • “Fire Wolf”

    “Fire Wolf” is a slot game by AGS with 5 by 3x4x4x4x3 reel layout

    An exceptional 5 by 3x4x4x4x3 reel layout slot, this wolf-themed game is the second part in the Fire Wolf series. It offers two types of jackpots (mini and max), free spins that are multiplied by the scatters occurring “per reel”, and a “reel surge” bonus that expands the middle three reels, up to 8 rows; essentially making the game’s grid to 3x8x8x8x3. Any expanded reels will remain until the end of all free spins. The winning combinations in this slot pay both ways and have a chance to be multiplied. The RTP of Fire Wolf 2, is 95.92%.

  • “Bonanza Blast”

    The “Bonanza Blast” slot by AGS features a 5x3 grid which can be expand to 5x6

    Featuring a “gold prospector” visual theme, this 5x3 grid slot comes with a lot of extras. Not only does it feature four different jackpots, but it also has a “bonanza blast” feature that can expand the reels of the slot forming a new 5x6 layout. The wild symbols will appear only on the second, third, and fourth reels, and will substitute all other symbols except for the “scattered nugget symbol”. A bonus game can be triggered at random at any point of the base game, giving players the chance to reveal three out of twelve objects; the jackpot symbols that match will provide a huge payout! This game has a 95.97% RTP rate.

  • “Capital Gains”

    The AGS slot “Capital Gains” is an original 5x3 money slot with FS mode

    An original 5x3 money slot, this game offers four “money charge jackpots”, but that’s not all. Once a player has landed a combination that grants free spins, the reels will be loaded with a number of extra wild symbols - their quantity will be proportional to the number of free spins given. During FS mode, the player will have the chance of winning even more free spins. The cash vault feature provides a player with a bonus game that lets them choose between two vault doors - one will contain an FS bonus with added wilds, while the other one “the money charge” prize. Capital Gains has an RTP of 95.96%.

Exceptionally Licensed and Awarded

One of the most impressive things achieved by AGS is becoming licensed by more than 280 jurisdictions worldwide. Today, AGS’s iGaming products and services have been licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (license #53961-R330573-002), the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, the Romanian National Gambling Office (ONJIN), the Malta Gaming Authority, and by the Ministry of Commerce of the Government of Gibraltar. Although there is no information regarding any certification, the presence of so many licenses means that all products of AGS have been properly tested and evaluated by the appropriate administrations.

As a company, AGS has been given the “best place to work in” award for four years in a row. If that wasn’t enough, they were also recently nominated by the Global Gaming Awards in Las Vegas for “best land-based industry supplier”, and “best American executive of the year”.

Mobile Platform Support and Development Technology

Those games of AGS which are available on the iGaming market, are made on the software development platform HTML5. This makes them fully compatible with almost all browsers, and the majority of mobile devices that operate on either Android or iOS. Both players and industry experts recommend the use of Google Chrome when playing any AGS games for proper playing experience.

Interesting Company History and Busines Goals

The earliest record of AGS goes back to Las Vegas in the year of 1996. This developer, distributor, and operator is known to have evolved from other companies before it, and since then it has managed to retain its original brand while evolving into the business it is today. Historical evidence suggest that the company’s first website was launched way back in 2014; almost 18 years after the company was established.

Many people wonder how a VLT machine manufacturer and distributor managed to enter the online iGaming industry so swiftly and with a lot of products to boot. Part of it was the successful business moves made by AGS, such as the acquisition of companies “Colossal Gaming” and “Casino War Blackjack Inc”.

Back in the day, both of these businesses were renowned for their game development services for the land-based casino industry, which is what helped AGS put the groundwork for its online debut. Although today AGS has dedicated a good portion of their resources into expanding its online business and presence, the company continues to stay true to its primary goal - the creation of high-end VLT’s for the land-based casino industry.

AGS is more than a software developing company - they have offices in the USA, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Israel, and Australia; making it an international business that exercises its “hands-on” approach to the gambling industry. In recent years, they have managed to expand their market reach further, and today they continue to develop even more. As part of their evolution within the iGaming industry, AGS has developed a few downloadable slot applications available for iOS and Android, which can be procured either from their official website or from the app stores native to their operating systems.

Some of the Specific Game Features of AGS

The first of the most famous game features of AGS is called the “Reel Surge”. It essentially allows the expansion of a number of reels, increasing the number of winning combinations they can grant. Usually, Reel Surge occurs only on the middle three reels (second, third, and fourth). Another interesting feature is called the “PowerXStream” which allows the winnings of both ways, and the subsequent multiplying of any winnings that have resulted from the successful landing of the right symbols.

“The Money Charge Bonus” on the other hand is a feature that enables the player to go on the road of winning any of the jackpots. The procedure is said to have been initiated once a player has gathered six or more “charge symbols.” Although only a limited number of AGS games are made for the iGaming industry, they all have innovative features that are sought after the best new casinos online!

Additional News Portals about the Company

People can learn more about AGS by exploring the official press release section on their official website. It’s no wonder that a company with so many years of experience in the gambling industry has a highly functioning social network infrastructure, where everyone can learn everything about the latest achievements even via the company’s social media channels at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube!

How Does This Company Compares to Other iGaming Developers?

AGS is a developer that doesn't fall in any specific characteristic. Surely, there are some developers these days that aren’t as big, but they still manage to create more games than AGS. On the other hand, AGS still manages to make an impression on the overall industry, due to the quality of their games. Even as a dedicated VLT manufacturer and supplier, AGS is actually a formidable online casino software developer.

Partnerships with Casinos and Other Companies

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As a big company, it is more than expected that the business partners of AGS are businesses of the same calibre. Some of AGS’s business allies are brands like Kindred, 888 Casino, Rush Street Interactive, Alea Casino, Relax Gaming and many others. AGS is always looking forward to creating a lasting, and mutually beneficial relationship with other developers, distributors, casinos, an aggregation platform provider.

AGS Continues Its Growth Even Today

Taking on the iGaming industry, especially from the USA, is not an easy thing to achieve, especially if you’re a US company. The laws regarding online gambling in the USA are notoriously stringent, which is why AGS always makes an extra effort in order to secure a good standing in more iGaming markets in other countries, especially Europe. To be honest, we were hoping to see a lot of more online casino games; however, with AGS’s focus on VLT production and distribution, it isn’t very likely that we will see a significant increase in titles. Nevertheless, we will just wait and see!